The WEBGAP Engine

The WEBGAP Engine is the proprietary browser isolation technology underpinning our remote browsing platform and the technology we use to physically isolate you from the threat of malware, ransomware and cyberattack. The WEBGAP Engine was designed and built in-house and can be quickly installed onto physical, virtual or cloud servers and deployed to users so that they can begin physically isolating their internet browsing activity.

The WEBGAP Engine is capable of physically isolating and delivering a secure, native browsing experience to millions of simultaneous internet users in an incredibly cost-effective way, because it is built upon a highly efficient grid-distributed and containerization based architecture. The WEBGAP Engine can be deployed onto commodity hardware, with no SAN required and is significantly more cost effective and efficient at scale when compared to appliance and virtualization based browser isolation solutions, requiring approximately ten times less server infrastructure than competitive solutions.

The WEBGAP Engine effectively isolates all web browsing activity, as well as the individual browser tabs, with each tab isolated into its own non-persistent container, hosted on a physically isolated server for maximum browser isolation security. In addition to this, we employ rendering isolation, session isolation, process isolation and connection isolation across our platform to ensure that malware and ransomware never manages to get to your users.

Finally the WEBGAP Engine goes beyond isolation to protect your users, with its innovative website pre-rendering service that destroys pages, stripping them of any potentially malicious code. We then rebuild the page tag-by-tag, element-by-element into a pure HTML page for delivery to the end user. Users see purer, cleaner internet pages with just 15 lines of code behind them, compared to the hundreds of lines of code that you would normally find underpinning a webpage.

The WEBGAP Engine software is only available to governmental and large enterprise organizations, if you are an individual, a startup, or an SMB/SME, we offer a fully managed and fully hosted SaaS based remote browsing solution. Please see our remote browsing page for more details and pricing.

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WEBGAP Engine Snapshot

The WEBGAP Engine is a proprietary browser isolation cybersecurity platform
built in-house to support our hosted remote browser service.

Webpage Pre-Rendering

We destroy web pages, stripping them of potentially malicious code and then rebuild them in real time, for delivery to your users.

Cost Effective

Compared to our competitors virtualization based browser isolation solutions, WEBGAP Engine is significantly more cost effective at scale.

API Friendly

The WEBGAP Engine is designed to integrate with your existing systems & tools in an API friendly way, ensuring smooth deployments.

Containerization Based

A highly efficient containerization based architecture, leveraging grid distribution and requiring 10x less server infrastructure.

Highly Configurable

Our control panel makes it easy to administer users & their activity, our management portal gives you total visibility & granular control.

Award Winning

The WEBGAP Engine was the winner of the Global Defense & Security Review's 2017 'Best Browser Isolation Platform' cybersecurity award.