WEBGAP Go is our multi-tenant public cloud service, available via a self-service subscription model and priced at just $5 per user, per month. Suitable for individual users and small businesses who do not have any specific customization or additional security requirements.

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WEBGAP Pro is our single-tenant private cloud service, providing a customizable remote browser platform that is hosted on physically isolated servers to provide you with a higher degree of isolation, separation, configuration and security than our public cloud offering.

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Fully Hosted

Physically Isolate Your Cyber Risk

WEBGAP remote browsers are fully hosted in the WEBGAP cloud, allowing you to physically isolate your cyber risk away from your local IT infrastructure, onto a platform built to handle the risk.

Fully Managed

Let Us Take Care Of Everything

No need to worry about managing the underlying infrastructure, your users, deployment or setup, we take care of absolutely everything, from setting up accounts to managing them.


Custom Fitted

Configured To Your Requirements

Our WEBGAP Pro service allows you to customize our remote browser platform to suit your unique requirements. Integrate single sign-on, active directory, URL filtering and black/whitelisting.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a remote browser?

A remote browser is the same as your normal browser, except it is physically isolated away from you into the WEBGAP cloud. Our remote browsers live in our cloud instead of on your local computer.

How do I use a remote browser?

Once you have a WEBGAP account, you simply head over to our login page and login using your username and password. Once you log in, full screen the window and start browsing the internet.

Will WEBGAP work with any browser?

Yes, WEBGAP supports all browsers including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox, as well as legacy browsers like Internet Explorer. WEBGAP works best though with Chrome!

How do I install WEBGAP?

Forget about it! WEBGAP does not require any installs, downloads or plugins, you simply login and start browsing the internet as per normal.

Can I visit any website?

Yes! You can use the internet as you would normally when browsing through WEBGAP and browse to any website. Audio and video works great!

Will you track my online activity?

Absolutely not! We do not track anything you do when using WEBGAP, nor do we log the websites that you visit when browsing the internet.