WEBGAP Go Pricing

One Low Price Per User
Includes Ticket Based Support

We have a single low price per user, available on a monthly subscription, sign up with your credit card and cancel your WEBGAP Go subscription (or upgrade/downgrade the number of accounts you have) at anytime.


Monthly Package


Price Per User
Includes Technical Support
Includes Roadmap Upgrades


Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have any other questions, please use our contact form.

Are your prices all inclusive?

Absolutely! We price our remote browser service on a per user basis with flat free pricing which includes everything from technical support, user and account management, to roadmap upgrades when we roll out new features over the coming months.

What if I need more than ten accounts?

Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements using the contact form, or by clicking on the live chat icon in the right hand corner of the screen. WEBGAP is able to deliver customized, private cloud solutions for larger businesses.

How long are your contracts?

We do not have any contracts unless you sign up for WEBGAP Pro which is not yet available. Currently, we only offer a monthly or annual subscription. You can upgrade or cancel your monthly account at any time.

Can someone else use my account?

Yes, you can share an account unless you want to use it at the same time as another user. Only one user can login to the account at any given time.

Can I request refund?

Unfortunately not, we do not issue full or partial refunds for WEBGAP Go monthly accounts because of the small amounts of money involved.

Can I try your service for free?

We are afraid not, but if you want to try our service you can simply sign up for a month and try it out for the low cost of just $5 per user.

What do I get for $5?

You get a v1 WEBGAP remote browser account that you can log into and browse the internet through as you would using your normal web browser.

Do I have administrative control?

Unfortunately not, WEBGAP Go is a fully managed service which provides no granular admin controls, you are not able to configure the environment.

What if I need more control?

If WEBGAP Go does not meet your requirements then you need WEBGAP Pro, contact us using the live chat icon or our contact page for more info.