WEBGAP Go Remote Browser Pricing

We think that pricing should be clear and easy to understand, so our WEBGAP Go remote browser service has one low price per user.

Price includes technical support!

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One Low Price Per User Includes Technical Support

We have a single low price per user, available on a monthly subscription. You can sign up online and use your credit card to upgrade or downgrade the number of accounts you have at any time. Sign up for one year and we will give you a 10% discount!


Monthly Package


Price Per User

Includes Technical Support

Includes Roadmap Upgrades

Frequently Asked Questions

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How is WEBGAP licensed?

We currently have three licensing models, the first is WEBGAP GO (SaaS) which is available on a monthly subscription, the second is WEBGAP Pro (SaaS) which is available with contracts of between 1 to 5 years, and finally we have WEBGAP WHOAH! (Onsite) which allows you to build and administer your own WEBGAP cloud.

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Do you offer a software only option?

Yes, our WEBGAP WHOAH! plan allows you to download WEBGAP to set up and install WEBGAP on your own servers, but it is still in *private beta* and only qualifying US organizations can take part. We expect to make our software available to everyone in 2022 following a successful private beta program.

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WEBGAP Go is our hosted remote browser service, available on a self-service model with rolling subscriptions on a per user, per month basis. WEBGAP Go is suitable for individual users and small businesses who do not have any specific customization or additional security requirements and who need a fully managed remote browser service. We manage absolutely everything behind the scenes and your WEBGAP Go accounts are deployed in an automated fashion without you ever having to talk to us. WEBGAP Go hosted in our secure data centers located in the USA and each user on the platform is securely isolated from the others using rendering isolation, session isolation, process isolation and connection isolation.

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What is WEBGAP Pro

WEBGAP Pro is our single-tenant private cloud service which provides you with a customizable remote browser platform that is hosted on physically isolated servers, offering a higher degree of isolation, separation, configuration and security than our public cloud offering. Going the private cloud route gives you much more flexibility in terms of platform setup and configuration, access to additional security tools and features, as well as administrative control over your platform and your users. WEBGAP Pro can integrate your existing security tools to seamlessly blend our platform into your infrastructure and systems. You can also setup WEBGAP Pro to work through your local browsers for a native web browsing experience. WEBGAP private clouds can be setup with your existing single-sign-on systems, can integrate with your AD and be tightly configured to your organizations own unique requirements.