The WEBGAP Model

The problem many organizations have is that their browsers are the single biggest source of malware, ransomware and web based cyberattacks and their current security tools have proven to be incapable at protecting their employees. Gartner estimates that 98% of external information security attacks are carried over the public internet and that 80% of these attacks are targeted directly at end users through their browsers as they use the internet, with anti-virus and firewalls unable to prevent these attacks.

The WEBGAP model was developed to solve this problem by physically isolating your users web browsers, along with the associated cyber risks, away from your local machines, network and infrastructure. By placing a WEBGAP between your users and the malware, you shut down the most common attack vector and dramatically enhance your overall cybersecurity posture in the process. The WEBGAP model provides internet piece of mind and lets you focus your efforts on the remaining vulnerabilities.

The WEBGAP browser isolation model leverages the principal of security through physical isolation and is a model that is currently used in production environments by tens of thousands of real users at high security federal government facilities. We know this because our founding team spent the last eight years working with the US federal government at Lawrence Livermore and Sandia National Laboratories building browser isolation platforms for thousands of federal government employees.

The browser isolation cybersecurity model considered to be best practice by Gartner, who recommend browser isolation (or remote browsing as they sometimes call it) as the most effective way for an enterprise to reduce web based cyberattacks against your users. Because of this, Gartner predicts that over the next three years, 50% of enterprises will actively begin to isolate their internet browsing to reduce the impact of cyber attacks against their organizations. (Gartner BIT Report 2017).

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WEBGAP Model Snapshot

The WEBGAP model is the production proven browser isolation cybersecurity model.

Plug & Play

Easy to set up, deploy and begin physically isolation your browsers & browsing activity, with a frictionless deployment to your end users.

Browser Isolation

The WEBGAP model isolates all modern browsers, including Chrome, Internet Explorer & Firefox to provide a native user experience.

Cloud Based

WEBGAP is cloud based & physically isolates malware onto a non-persistent cloud, specifically built to handle the associated cyber risks.

Production Proven

The WEBGAP model has been tested in high security production environments over a four year period & thousands of remote browsing users.

Award Winning

Late last year, the WEBGAP Engine won the Global Defense & Security (GDS) Review's 2017 'Best Browser Isolation Platform' award.

Proprietary Software

Underpinning the WEBGAP model is the WEBGAP Engine, a proprietary technology built by WEBGAP's in-house development team.