We solved the big problems in remote browser isolation.

We Solved The Problem Of Scale

WEBGAP leverages a true distributed architecture which is massively scalable up to millions of simultaneous users. To add more users you simply scale out /rather than scale up) by adding more resources to the infrastructure pool.

We Solved The Problem Of Cost

WEBGAP leverages a fully containerized architecture that is much more cost-effective and efficient than our virtualization based competitors, meaning we need approximately ten times less infrastructure than a virtualized platform.

Key Platform Features

Best-In-Class Remote Browser Isolation

WEBGAP is not just another browser isolation platform, it is fit for purpose in a way that our competitors can only dream of, here are the key features which set us apart.

Any Browser, No Installs

WEBGAP works with any browser, with no downloads or local installs to worry about.

Bye, Bye Malicious Code

We rebuild webpages into 18 lines of clean HTML, stripped of potentially malicious code.

Mobile Device Friendly

Works brilliantly on mobile devices, extending isolation to wherever you use the internet.

Supports Browser Plugins

HTML display protocol for tight browser integration supports browser plugins & add-ons.

Solving The Real Problems

We built WEBGAP after experiencing the real problems with large-scale remote browser isolation. After hosting remote browser platforms for thousands of users over a decade, we understood that there were larger problems than simply isolating the browser. The problems we saw were cost and scale, and we built WEBGAP in order to solve them.

The real problems in browser isolation are cost and scale, anyone can isolate a browser but the real trick is to do so at vast scale (a million+ simultaneous users) and in a cost effective way (single digit dollars per user), so we built WEBGAP with these problems in mind. Because we focused on the real problems, WEBGAP requires ≈10 times less infrastructure than virtualization based platforms and is infinitely more scalable.

We accomplished this by moving away from the SAN centralized and virtualized architectures we had previously deployed and adopting a fully containerized and distributed architecture with WEBGAP. We learned the hard way that virtualization based browser isolation platforms are unfit for purpose in the sense that they are unfit for handling the browser compute load at scale or in a cost-effective way.

WEBGAP not only solves the problems of scale and cost with a fully containerized architecture, our proprietary HTML based display protocol allows you to tightly integrate with your local browser to get a real native browser user experience, one which supports browser plugins and add-ons.

Finally, we go a step further than physical isolation to deliver a purer, cleaner internet to our users. Our unique webpage pre-rendering functionality strips web pages of any potentially malicious code in real-time and reduces them to just eighteen lines of clean HTML before displaying them to the user. This ensures that any malware or malicious code present on the page is not given any air to breathe or room to execute, ensuring a higher degree of security than isolation of the browser alone can provide.

No other platform on the market delivers infrastructure efficiency, cost effectiveness, a HTML based display protocol and real-time webpage pre-rendering making WEBGAP a best-in-class browser isolation solution.

  • Zero Trust Model - Don't trust the internet, isolate it.
  • Multiple Isolation Mechanisms - Rendering, session, process and connection isolation.
  • API Accessible - Built to integrate with your existing systems and tools.
  • 100% Containerized - Compute cluster and isolation engine packaged/executed as a container.
  • Distributed Architecture - Scale out rather than up, with no SAN or appliances required.
  • Works Great On Mobile Devices - You can use WEBGAP natively with any mobile browser.
  • No Malicious Code - WEBGAP sanitizes web pages into just 18 lines of pure, clean HTML.

Although WEBGAP is designed to quickly install and deploy on top of cloud/physical servers we are currently not offering WEBGAP as a standalone piece of software to deploy in your own environment. We expect to make our software available for download later on in the year so you can quickly license, download and deploy WEBGAP onsite. Follow us on Twitter to get an alert when we launch our software!

You can also view a video presentation on WEBGAP here.