Protecting the many, rather than the few.

WEBGAP's Mission

We are on a mission to unlock mainstream adoption of remote browser isolation by lowering the cost to single digit dollars per user and delivering the scalability a global market requires.

WEBGAP's Vision

We believe that the remote browser isolation model is the future of endpoint security and we work to comprehensively, seamlessly and effectively isolate our users from the risks of the public internet.

Management Team


Guise Bule
Co-Founder & CEO

Guise led the team that built the worlds first remote browser isolation platforms for the US government.

Jun Yang
Co-Founder & CTO

Jun leads our development team and previously worked at VMware and Greenborders as a Senior Developer.

Ryan Miller
Chief Security Officer

Ryan keeps us safe from cyber attacks and makes sure our infrastructure is secure.

Jie Song
VP Of Engineering

Jie leads our engineering efforts and was formerly the CTO and co-founder of LogicMonitor.