WEBGAP Cybersecurity

Put a WEBGAP between you and the malware.


A browser isolation cyber security platform that isolates your internet users from malware & cyberattack.


With a containerized & grid distributed architecture, our platform is incredibly cost effective at very large scale.

Proven Model

WEBGAP is based on the on a production proven browser isolation model, tested over thousands of users.

Award Winning

We won the Global Defense & Security Review 2017 Cybersecurity Award for 'Best Browser Isolation Platform'.

WEBGAP browser isolation lets you
say no to ransomware ,malware ,malicious websites ,virus infections ,trojan downloaders ,malicious script ,browser tracking ,spoofing attempts ,browser exploits .

Isolate yourself from malware with WEBGAP browser isolation.

A Safer Way To Browse

WEBGAP remote browsing users can visit to any websites including those that cannot be categorized by secure web gateways without worrying about being attacked by ransomware, phishing sites, virus infections and other kinds of internet based attacks, providing internet peace of mind.

A Safer Way To Email

WEBGAP remote browsing users can read emails without worrying about the active content, with the urls embedded inside emails automatically redirected into WEBGAP. No need to worry about your users being attacked through their email and attachments, let them click anything without fear of infection.

Highly Secure & Connected Hosting

The WEBGAP remote browsing service is hosted in a nuclear-hardened underground communications bunker and secured by military grade (DoD) security measures. Our DC facility provides availability, survivability, connectivity & security, and is home to the worlds first EMP proof remote browsing platform.

Fully Managed & Supported

The WEBGAP hosted remote browsing service is fully managed, meaning we take care of absolutely everything, including the day-to-day system administration and security. We provide technical support 24/7/365, we make sure that somebody is always available when your need our help and advice.

Remote Browsing

Visit any website without worrying about being attacked by malware, ransomware, viruses,
drive-by downloads and browser based cyber attacks, providing total internet peace of mind.

We offer the most competitive pricing in the remote browsing space, head on over to our
remote browsing page to learn more about our pricing and fully hosted service.

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